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QA Facebook

Martin Barthel, Head of Global Retail & eCommerce Strategy at Facebook shares his thoughts on what's important in eCommerce right now

9 Winning Features To Look For In An Ecommerce Platform

We asked 100 Nordic retailers about the most important features in an eCommerce platform, here's the rundown. .

An Interview With Giulio Montemagno, Svp And Gm International, RetailMeNot

As part of our research into how mobile technology is driving sales on the high street, we interviewed Giulio Montemagno, SVP and GM International, RetailMeNot

The Future of Web Optimisation

As part of our research into how retailers are responding to the boom in online sales. We interviewed Mikael Gummerus, CEO, Frosmo to get his perspective on what the future holds for web optimisation.


How to optimise your cross border ecommerce business to drive sales

With global cross-border eCommerce expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020, retailers around the world cannot afford to stay at home.
[Source: Accenture & AliResearch]

However, getting it right is challenging – even if you’re already serving international customers, are you doing all you can to meet consumer demands in a way that delivers profitability?  

Fill in the form below to learn how you can optimise your cross-border ecommerce process.


Shoppable Content - A Retailer's Challenge

The ecommerce industry has historically lacked significant data on the nuances of content, and how retailers
are tackling it. It is difficult for retailers to make strategic decisions when there are little to no points
of reference for comparison, and no benchmarks to set the standard. So Zmags launched a survey to gather
this crucial information.

eTail Nordic Market Pulse

The European retail market has been characterised by rapid change over the last 10 years, and this trend is no less present in the Nordic nations. More competition, new technological disruptors and increasingly tech savvy customers mean that retailers must innovate to survive in this new commercial reality.

eTail Nordic Post Show Report 2015

Etail Nordic 2015 - The Highlights

The meeting place for the most senior e-commerce professionals in the Nordics

This year eTail Nordic returned to Copenhagen with a bang and truly established itself as the definitive e-commerce gathering in the Nordics.

With over 300 attendees from the biggest and most dynamic e-commerce players in Scandinavia, eTail Nordic delivered on its promise of providing the most senior and diverse crowd of e-commerce directors in the Nordic region.

The Pulse of Nordic E-Commerce

Consumers in the Nordic region made online purchases of 4.29 billion Euros during the second quarter of 2016. This is an increase of more than 800 million Euros or 23 percent compared to the same period in 2015. At the same time, domestic commerce has been growing even more quickly, by 29 percent.

The gap between pure-play and bricks and mortar retailers is getting smaller. We interviewed 100 leading retailers in the Nordics to discover how they are responding to this new economic reality.

What is Retail Order Routing – and is it Important

Retail Order Routing is about driving costs out of your Omni-Channel Retail business, and improving efficiency. If you are running an omni-channel retail business, you need a solid order routing engine to optimize routes and lower shipping costs.

As your business and number of channels grow – routing your orders becomes a complex problem that grows exponentially. Optimizing is serious business. Running a real-time business without a solid retail order routing system - is just not sustainable. 

From Online To In-Store | Lessons from Leading Multichannel Retailers

Have you ever wondered how to use mobile technology to more effectively drive sales in-store?
Ever wished you could match your high street customers to your online customer data?
Want to see precisely how the most successful multichannel European retailers are doing it?

Download out latest Whitepaper, to get the first look at our most recent research on how digital technology is changing the game – and where the opportunities lie.  

Survival of the Quickest | How web optimization is driving business growth

In the fast moving world of website optimisation every second counts – the faster you can respond to the data you have available the more you’ll be able to sell online.

In Summer 2015 Frosmo and WBR Digital surveyed 100 leading retail eCommerce executives in Europe to find out how they are responding to the explosion of opportunity created by the boom in online sales.


Interview with Wilko Klaassen - Video

In this interview, Wilko discusses what he believes to be the 3 biggest challenges to rebranding a website to sell globally and what the advantages are to having a strong online brand presence.

Redefining Global Collaborative Partnerships - Video

Watch out onsite presentation from eTail Nordic 2014. In this presentation, Bicky Carlra, the Executive Vice President for DubLi discusses redefining global collaborative partnerships.