Per Caroe

Global Marketing Evangelist
IBM Marketing Cloud

Per Caroe has been working with and consulting sales and marketing executives in the behavioral/email marketing space for over a decade. Three years ago, he was brought on to Silverpop to develop an agency specific team, to facilitate existing and expanding into new agencies, throughout North America. With over 250 agencies, Silverpop has helped these agencies expand their business from basic spray and pray, to a more impactful methodology which employs leads scoring, behavioral tracking to create a more focused communication methodology. For 2016, Per was asked to be part of the IBM Commerce Evangelist group and travel the world spreading the good word about IBM. He has spoken on all six habitable continents (he is still working on a speaking gig in Antarctica) on behavioral marketing in front of tens of thousands of viewers.

13:30 5 Smart Ways to Build a Behavioral-Data Enriched Digital Customer Experience

In this Creative Boardroom you and 15 of your peers will have the privacy to discuss in great depth the challenges that you face as a community.

There has never been a more exciting (or terrifying) time to be a marketer. Customer behaviour is changing faster than anyone expected, attention spans are getting shorter, and as big data gets bigger, it's getting harder than ever for companies to keep up. In this session, you will find out what are the key marketing trends that really matter, and the 5 things that companies NEED do in order to future-proof their brands and build stronger relationships with their customers.

13:10 Drill-down Roundtables

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Alf Jondahl, Head of CRM, VITA

Combining online and offline shopping experiences

Anni Honkaniemi, Digital Marketing Manager, Musti ja Mirri Group & Rob Burbeary, Regional Sales Director, Emarsys


Per Caroe, Global Marketing Evangelist, IBM Marketing Cloud

New approaches to solving integration challenges in eCommerce

Alex Pirinsky, CMO, Quartsoft

eCommerce in a Global Environment: How to maximise Revenue with Web Localization Technology

Jonas Akermark, Head of eCommerce Activation, Northern Europe, SCA & Johan Höök, Regional Director,

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