Eoin Hallahan

Head of NACE
Eoin Hallahan is the Head of AdRoll's NACE business (Sales Development, Advertiser Acquisitions & Account Management). A two year AdRoll 'veteran', Eoin previously managed AdRoll's global Solutions team who were responsible for introducing and managing the rollout of new advertiser technologies to the different markets. Before AdRoll, Eoin spent 4 years working for Google in EMEA and in the US. Eoin is a sales leader with a track record of exceeding performance and revenue goals and is passionate about leading teams and growing his people. Eoin has managed a multitude of projects including new product development, new hire and team training & development, and new business generation concurrently. Eoin loves to stay up to date on all things E-commerce and Ad-tech and has a special interest in the areas of performance measurement and attribution.

13:10 Beyond Last Click Attribution: How to win in a Multichannel World

In the past, attribution was a simpler proposition—the last click was the most accurate way to measure what led to a buying decision. With today’s consumers on multiple devices, it is more challenging to gauge which touchpoints influence conversion. Marketers must find the best way to harness this information to understand the most successful channels, enabling them to make tangible improvements, and optimise digital spend and drive ROI.

In this seminar, AdRoll will bring 2 of its senior EMEA team to share with you our latest research on attribution for the European marketer'

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